IPISD Weblet

IPISD Weblet Version 1.0 Free trial

Use this digital version of the classic IPISD methodology for convenient access

IPISD stands for Underservice Procedures for Instructional Systems Development. This was first published back in 1975 in five separate printed volumes. It is now the go to reference for every new instructional design methodology. The IPISD Weblet takes all of this valuable information and put it in a digital format for easy reference.
The IPISD weblet is in a fully linked HTM format and is best viewed in Internet Explorer. You can now access this excellent resource anywhere you can take a computer, notebook PC or laptop. All five phases of the methodology are included: Analyze, Design, Develop, Implement and Control, with the addition of a subject index, glossary for difficult words, bibliography, FAQs and a full search engine.
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